Blowout Sale!!

Effective immediately, we are holding a final clearance sale of ALL remaining EKTIO shoes in our inventory.  For information on our final sale please email us at:  info@ektiobasketballshoes.ca

All shoes will be sold.

Basketball Shoes with Revolutionary Ankle Support Technology

Athletic activities should be fun and exhilarating, especially when you are playing in top form. One problem that many people experience when playing sports, especially basketball and other court sports, is rolling or spraining their ankle. Athletic shoes don’t typically provide enough ankle support to prevent this from happening, while specialty ankle braces can decrease mobility. Ektio shoes are designed specifically to support the ankle while still allowing the movement and mobility you need to be competitive.

Ektio brings you Revolutionary Ankle Support Technology designed to protect against sprained ankles. Ektio provides maximum support, balance and stability. No more need for ankle braces or tape.

Basketball Shoes Designed with a Purpose

Ekito shoes are designed with a few features that make them ideal performance footwear. The two main features are the straps that are built into the design and support the ankle, as well as the anti-roll bumpers on the lateral sides of the shoes. These features give comfort and support to the wearer as well as peace of mind on the court.

To order these shoes online, simply select the color combination you would like, choose a size, and then add the shoes to your cart. It is truly that easy. If you have questions about the product or the ordering process, you can contact customer support by email or by phone at 905-563-8558.